“Content is King…and Marketing is queen and she runs the household.”  – Gary Vee
Content is the foundation of any marketing strategy. Good or bad. Unfortunately, a lot of brands are swinging and missing –  and they’re throwing millions of dollars into the abyss while ruining the user experience of interneters. And if you have great, value-driven content, you’re going to attract the right people. And they’ll bring their friends. On top of creating good content, you also need to distribute it effectively. What good it a fancy fishing pole and premium bait if you don’t toss the line in the water? Fortunately, with the digital age, distribution is more efficient and cost-effective than ever before. Some examples are, YouTube, emails, blog posts, social media posts, podcasts, etc… Each digital platform has its subtle and not-so-subtle nuances. With one solid video, you can create a blog post, a podcast, more video clips, even memes. Here, I’m going to outline a strategy to start getting great ideas for creating value-driven content for your target audience. These are strategies for people in a hurry who don’t have time (or the passion) to write. First, let’s start by not thinking too hard. Use your brain power for what you do best and allow the internet to give you ideas for content topics.

Get Content Idea Topics from Quora

Quora is a question and answer forum with over 300 million monthly active users. There are millions of people that visit the site every month and they ask questions. Experts (and people who think they’re expert). Answer these questions. This strategy will work for any niche. And how do you provide value? By answering the questions that people are asking within your market. And these aren’t high-end things. To get the most eyeballs on your content, create it for the broader audience. This will help get you in the habit of generating content and getting ideas for that content. And then you move the right people down your marketing funnel from there. If you’re a business coach, type Business in the search bar. It’s that easy. Or you can type “Startup” or “Entrepreneurship”. And there’ll be a list of related subjects on your right. You’ll see that 31 million people are following the topic of Business, alone. Next, click on FAQ’s, where you’ll find 5-10 questions that the world interested in Business are asking. If you’re an expert, these questions will be a no-brainer. Now let’s get on with creating your content…

Creating Your Content

  1. Record a video covering your topic
  2. Clip the best 30 sec-minute bits and optimize for social media posts
  3. Have the video transcribed & turned into a blog post
  4. Upload your video to Anchor and convert to a podcast
  5. Use your top quotes or gems as meme content

1) Recording Your Video

Hammer out a video or two answering each question. 2-4 minutes should suffice.
Everything should be as simple as possible. But not simpler. – Albert Einstein
What do we do first? All you need is a smartphone. You can invest a little tripod (I bought a great one for $12 on Amazon) or you can do a selfie video. And don’t fuss about high-quality production. You can always have a video editor clean things up…Polished videos do not equate to conversions. Tai Lopez makes eight-figures in annual revenue with his selfie videos. And they are far from high quality. If it’s good enough for him, it’s good enough for you.
Tai Lopez’ selfie video
With your smartphone, spend a few minutes answering these Quora questions. Film these with your phone horizontally so that it’s optimized for YouTube. I’ll mention later how to use it for other social media channels. So now you have a video. It’ll take some practice if you’re not used to it. I personally hate being on video. Have an outline of what you’re going to say if you get easily sidetracked. For these videos, YouTube is the primary place to house them. Fun fact: YouTube is the #2 search engine in the world, second to Google. Who owns YouTube. You can also use these two/three/four-minute videos on LinkedIn and Facebook.

2) Clip The Best Bits For Social Media

With your main video, there are likely a few gems to glean and tailor for your social media channels. So with this video, there’s gonna be a solid 45 seconds, 30 seconds, or minute where you’re just like, “Wow, that’s fire.” Crop that out. Extract it. And now you have a smaller sized video. Crop the short videos into a square format and use that for social media and use these clips for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. I’d actually recommend you meme them (adding a headline + emojis will help you get more views). Use Inshot (app) to square up the clips and meme them…or use a video editor. And if you want to really fancy things up like the personal brands who are crushing it…Brad Lea, Andy Frisella, Gary Vee, David Meltzer… There are a dozen people on Fiverr that’ll do it for $5 or less. I know a few of them. I’ve used a few of them. They’re great. All you need to do is send them samples of the videos you like and say, “Hey, I like this. Edit my video like this guy, here’s my logo. You’ll have it back within week.
Brad Lea’s Instagram video

3) Converting Your Video Into A Blog Post

Now you take that video and you go to And you upload the video there. And what it’s going to do is transcribe that video and put it into a Word Doc. Now you have a transcription of the video. And if you write, you can go in and you can edit it yourself. If you don’t write, hire an editor to put it together in a nice blog post. I’d recommend someone on Upwork or (again) Fiver for this. Expect to pay about $35+ depending on the length. And don’t be cheap or that’ll cost you more in the long-run.(This blog post was originally from a video I shot and transcribed…)

4) Podcast

And the next thing is to take your video and upload it into Anchor for a podcast. It’ll strip the audio for you and syndicate the podcast to a handful of other platforms. Including iTunes.

5) Make Some Memes

Maybe there was something in your video clips that really stood out. Like a single phrase where you’re like “Wow, I’m a genius.” Take a nice photo of yourself and overlay that phrase using Wordswag. (This app is a game changer.) Or again, you can find someone in Fiver who does this for a living. I use a guy based in Pakistan who charges me $0.80-1.30 per post and it’s as good as those guys spending thousands. Often better.
From Graphic Designer on Fiver. Cost: $1
Created using Wordswag App

BONUS: Amplify Your Engaging Content

As you continue to post and distribute your content across platforms, some posts will perform better than others. Add a few ad dollars behind those posts. And consider running an ad campaign with the top videos with an offer attached. Running ads with content that has proven engagement will help give you a lower CPM and CPC.You can also syndicate your blog posts and try to get your content in other people’s networks.

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So here’s what we covered: Let the market determine what kind of content you should produce…and then use the following strategy to recycle, re-engineer and distribute that content.
  1. Record a video covering your topic
  2. Clip the best 30 sec-minute bits and optimize for social media posts
  3. Have the video transcribed & turned into a blog post
  4. Upload your video to Anchor and convert to a podcast
  5. Use your top quotes or gems as meme content
  6. Amplify and syndicate your content (especially the good stuff)
And remember, don’t worry about a polished video. Get in the habit of creating content. You can always improve over time. To start, all you need is your phone, the ability to talk, and the ability to cut and paste. And shell out a few dollars to a virtual assistant to clean things up.

Credits To This Strategy

After publishing and sharing my post, a lot of my internet marketer friends came out of the woodwork and said they wrote the same article. After looking at their articles, many parts were eerily similar. Though mine is still funner to read.  ;)This tells me 2 things.
  1. It’s a solid strategy because people I really admire in this space have also written about it.
  2. This isn’t an original strategy – and I didn’t make it up even though I look really smart with my glasses.
I used Gary Vaynerchuck’s main strategy and toned it down so that it’s easy for anyone looking to build their brand. So main credit goes to Gary Vee.

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