How to Find Viral Content for Social Media

When you’re building out your Content Marketing Strategy for Social Media, coming up with ideas can be tough. Or worse, you have an idea of how your social media should look without testing anything. These emotional and ego-based decisions are dangerous for your brand. Chances are, you’ll fail online. This is especially true if all […]

How to Turn Your Video into 4 More Types of Content

“Content is King…and Marketing is queen and she runs the household.”  – Gary Vee Content is the foundation of any marketing strategy. Good or bad. Unfortunately, a lot of brands are swinging and missing –  and they’re throwing millions of dollars into the abyss while ruining the user experience of interneters. And if you have […]

12 Sure Fire Social Media Strategies For 2018

2018 has been a crazy year so far in the social media world. With the Cambridge Analytica scandal coming to light (and the congressmen showing their complete inability to ask a technical question – No Senator, I do not think those internet cookies come in a chocolate chip). To ever-changing updates and algorithms optimizing for […]

3 Brands Who Are Killing It By Marketing With Viral Memes

Dan Raaf

The wildlands of social media can be chaotic and eccentric. A universe where brands can pop up overnight and disappear just as fast. Celebrities can be made or destroyed with a single tweet. Algorithms can crush reach or show you to a million fresh faces. Disgruntled customers and competitors can troll your posts while friends […]