25 Ways Your Business Can Get Ahead on Social Media During the LockDown

Times are tough right now. And though there are a lot of outside stressors that may negatively impact your business in the short-term. With this extra downtime, there are countless opportunities where you can develop some new skills for your business that’ll pay off in the long-run. Other than item #1, which I hold as […]

20 Social Media Trends to Watch in 2020

2020 is going to be an interesting year for social media marketing. With emerging platforms, political campaigning, an increase in “user-friendliness” for the tech stuff, and Facebook pretending to care about humans, we can expect a lot of different wins surrounded by major disappointments. Here, I’ve done my best to limit personal opinions and stick […]

How to Find Viral Content for Social Media

When you’re building out your Content Marketing Strategy for Social Media, coming up with ideas can be tough. Or worse, you have an idea of how your social media should look without testing anything. These emotional and ego-based decisions are dangerous for your brand. Chances are, you’ll fail online. This is especially true if all […]

How to Turn Your Video into 4 More Types of Content

“Content is King…and Marketing is queen and she runs the household.”  – Gary Vee Content is the foundation of any marketing strategy. Good or bad. Unfortunately, a lot of brands are swinging and missing –  and they’re throwing millions of dollars into the abyss while ruining the user experience of interneters. And if you have […]

How To Get Cheap Instagram Followers Using Facebook Ads | Case Study

The world of social media is weird. It’s a place to share experiences and highlight adventures while making new friends and connections, it’s also breeding ground for instant gratification and deception as many continue to fabricate their own world.  Often, dangerously so. I know of “influencers” who have bought hundreds of thousands of fake followers […]

12 Sure Fire Social Media Strategies For 2018

2018 has been a crazy year so far in the social media world. With the Cambridge Analytica scandal coming to light (and the congressmen showing their complete inability to ask a technical question – No Senator, I do not think those internet cookies come in a chocolate chip). To ever-changing updates and algorithms optimizing for […]