Dan Raaf is a digital marketer who uses social media to build audiences and generate more business for brands

Meet Dan Raaf

Dan Raaf is a Social Media Strategist who applies direct marketing and growth hacking techniques to get real results for his clients.

He personally manages a network of over 6 million fans for clients in various niches. Ranging from personal brands to cannabis to e-commerce.

Dan launched his social media career by managing viral meme and influencer pages and monetizing them with click-bait, which gave him a macro level view on social analytics, viral content strategies, and understanding the nuances of clickable media.

He has since established himself as an influencer marketer,  growth hacker and direct marketer in social media circles and has an affinity for ROI-based strategies.

Dan is also the world’s worst yellow belt student in Krav Maga while holding high-level black belts in both puppy petting and napping.

Would you like me to build you a social media strategy that will consistently increase your online sales…for Free?

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