Here’s a Free & Easy Hashtag Tool for Instagram 🤓

Let’s chat about Hashtags.

For someone reason, this is a touchy subject with the social media nerds. Probably because everybody is an “authority” while having different opinions on the subject.

I always post 30 hashtags in the first comment of every Instagram post. For myself and for clients. Why? Because it works for me.

If you post them in the first comment, IG will still catch them as long as you do it quickly. Like within a minute.

How do I find the best Hashtags?
It’s a free site and super awesome.

You can even type in multiple keywords. Like “sandiego” and “entrepreneur” to get a mix of location and broad tags.

How many should you post? I post 30 every time in the first comment. It works…Some people say post 12 or 15 but have never shown me any data to justify their theory. I’m open to learning why…just PLEASE show me the DATA!

Please note, you’ll want to test different hashtags for different posts.

Also note, I learned a way to add 60 hashtags to a post and tested it. Several times. Didn’t work for me. Stick with 30 or less.

Also also note, if your content isn’t remarkable then no amount of hashtags will help you go viral.

You can have the fanciest fishing rod on the beach but if the fish don’t like your bait, they’re not gonna bite.

Below are some successes I’ve recently had from my account and a couple of clients. Each, a very different niche.

One client is a cannabis brand, another is a farmer personal brand and the middle screenshot is my personal account.

instagram hashtag success

A Final Note

Every Instagram account is different. With their own internal algorithm and audience.

There isn’t a “one size fits all” solution. But for hashtags, this has really worked well for me and all of my clients.

So always test new things. Be firm yet flexible with your strategy. Try out different types of content. Steer your content strategy to what people really like (engagement). And have fun with it.

People aren’t logging into Instagram to be bored by brands. You need to be “thumb stopping” with your content.

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