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Outside Resources

Twitter's Calendar for Holidays and Events. Great for if you run out of ideas or are completely tone-deaf to things that humans enjoy.

If you don't want to read the whole thing, just schedule content between 9-5, M-F to be safest on all platforms.

This hour-long tutorial by Kevin David will get you on track with Facebook Ads. He shows some really cool tricks too.

Insights & Strategies

25 Ways to Boost Your Social Media (and Online) Presence

If you have extra downtime, there are countless opportunities where you can develop some new skills for your business that’ll pay off in the long-run.

24 of these items can easily be done while watching Netflix.

Click to read.

How to Turn Your Video into 4 More Types of Content

Each digital platform has its subtle and not-so-subtle nuances. With one solid video, you can create a blog post, a podcast, more video clips, even memes.

Here, I’m going to outline a strategy to start getting great ideas for creating value-driven content for your target audience.

These are strategies for people in a hurry who don’t have time (or the passion) to write.

Growth Hacking: 5 Unconventional Case Studies - From Soulja Boy To Bank Robbery

Growth hacking isn’t limited to Silicon Valley yuppies talking KPI’s and looking for investors. Usually, the unconventional, scrappy ones slightly off-kilter are the best at it. This is because we can’t fit into a 9–5 box.

Growth hacking is a mentality. A practice. A lifestyle.

While conventional business folk all try to cram through the front door of growth, revenue, and success, growth hackers break in through the kitchen window. Or slide down the chimney. Or sell crack to the people in line, waiting to get in.

How to Find Viral Content for Social Media

When you're building out your Content Marketing Strategy for Social Media, coming up with ideas can be tough.

Or worse, you have an idea of how your social media should look without testing anything. These emotional and ego-based decisions are dangerous for your brand. Chances are, you'll fail online.

Here, I'll show you how to mine Instagram for viral content. You can also use Pinterest or other sites, but seeing as Instagram is the most powerful and engaging social media platform at the moment...we will stick with that for this blog post.

Meet Dan Raaf

Dan Raaf

Raaf is the VP of Social Media and Strategy at Elevator Studio and the Founder of Raaf Media.

His passion and focus lie in social media and online direct marketing strategies and he's deeply fascinated by behavioral psychology and economics.

Raaf is also the self-proclaimed "Greatest BTS photographer of all time". And has yet found a worthy challenger to take his title.

Raaf's days are punctuated by abrupt and aggressive bouts of tug-o-war with his French Bulldog and CFO, Annabelle - who apparently doesn't know heck about Finance.

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