Social Media Management

A strong social media presence is the cornerstone to online success for brands.

Having social proof and distributing consistent, quality and engaging content is a sure-fire way to establish credibility and authority in your market.

Online Advertising

The best return on your investment comes from a direct and measurable advertising campaign.

Utilizing a combination of Facebook and Google ads to drive traffic through the right channels while following up with specific emails is a knockout formula for your Return On Ad Spend.

Digital Strategy & Consulting

Whether you need an in-depth online marketing strategy for your team to implement or a deep dive audit of your digital assets and their performance, or just a walkthrough on automating your social media and creating effective content, we're happy to help.

BLOG: Insights & Strategies

How to Turn Your Video into 4 More Types of Content

Here, I’m going to outline a strategy to start getting great ideas for creating value-driven content for your target audience. And then repurpose that content for all relevant digital platforms.
  1. Record a video covering your topic
  2. Clip the best 30 sec-minute bits and optimize for social media posts
  3. Have the video transcribed & turned into a blog post
  4. Upload your video to Anchor and convert to a podcast
  5. Use your top quotes or gems as meme content

Here’s a Free & Easy Hashtag Tool for Instagram 🤓

For some reason, this is a touchy subject with the social media nerds. Probably because everybody is an "authority" while having different opinions on the subject.

I always post 30 hashtags in the first comment of every Instagram post. For myself and for clients. Why? Because it works for me.

Forget paying some "guru" for a hashtag strategy. Use this free site instead...

9 Strategies To Help You Successfully Market Your Cannabis Business Online

Marketing a cannabis business online can be tough. From account bans to building an authentic audience.

Here, I've outlined eight strategies you can use to help build your cannabis brand online.

Whether you're a local dispensary or a national brand, these tips will help set you in the right direction.

Dan Raaf is a digital marketer who uses social media to build audiences and generate more business for brands

Meet Dan Raaf

Dan Raaf is a Social Media Strategist who applies direct marketing and growth hacking techniques to get real results for his clients.

He personally manages a network of over 6 million fans for clients in various niches. Ranging from personal brands to cannabis to e-commerce.

Dan has been known to be a gentleman on the streets and a freak in Google Sheets.

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